Ideas to Build a Platform Mallard House

I have done a lot of research on the Internet to find  specific plans to build a mallard bird house and, to my great disappointment, I was unable to find any.
So we need to use a little imagination to build a floating house for them, and it is not that difficult.
 It is especially motivating when you see what these things are selling for already made.
 I found this floating duck house online selling for over 900.00!

 It sure does looks very nice, but between me and you, there is not a whole lot of money in material in this project.

What I did is I used plans to build a little floating platform and I build a house on the top looking at some dog house plans to get ideas and I managed to do the whole thing for about a hundred dollars and a week-end of my time!

You can do pretty much what you want with the house, your creativity will lead the project.

 Building a Floating Nest

An other option you can go for is to build  a floating nest instead of a house.

Start by making a floating platform as well and follow this plan to make the nest on top.

It may not look as pretty as the duck house but the ducks will nest into it.

Personally I like the one made with a rolled fence because the ducks are into a little tunnel that protect them from the elements.

Go back to my home page to see the video explaining how to build this nest.

Plans to Build a Mallard Bird House

So remember that you need to make your own mind about how you want your mallards house to be.

Whatever style you choose, this project will allow you to enjoy the presence of mallard ducks around your property.

And if they like their house, they may come back next year!

I found very helpful to use woodworking plans to make the different components of this projects.

Besides it is good for so many other projects you may have to do later on down the road.

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